Cleveland Museum of Art debuts new Exhibition App

How Cleveland Museum of Art uses new tools.

Cleveland Museum of Art debuts new Exhibition App

This past February the Cleveland Museum of Art debuted the exhibition Senufo: Art and Identity of West Africa.  This exhibition showcases art from the Senufo countries in west Africa.  For more information please visit the FRAME website or CMA's website.

The presentation of works in a museum is always evolving so a museum can better reach its audiences.  With the rise of mobile communications, museums have been trying to use mobile devices as a new way to educate visitors.  Under the direction of Jane Alexander, CMA's CIO, CMA has deployed throughout the museum an interactive app called ArtLens, which is designed to immerse the visitor in the collection.

During the planning stages of Senufo: Art and Identity of West Africa, Constantine Petridis worked with Jane Alexander and Jennifer Foley, Director of Interpretation, to customize the existing app and platform to be specific to the exhibition.

Using an app has allowed CMA to provide more information for each object than ever before.  Constantine Petridis gives a preview of the exhibit when you open the app.  Following the introduction, the user can then find out more about individual objects by Senufo artists and the countries they come from.  In addition to this content, the app includes a treasure hunt which unlocks hidden content.

Please watch this video for a more in depth description of the app.