FRAME Education: Bordeaux-Richmond

Middle Schools in Bordeaux and Richmond, Va Talk about art

FRAME Education: Modernity: Portrait and Landscape

Monica Johnston, a middle school teacher at The Collegiate School, has designed and implemented a collaborative project concerning French and American art.  The title of this project is
Modernity: Portrait and Landscape.

The project has brought together many partners. Two museums, teachers from different subjects and countries, and 24 French and 46 US students.  The Virginia Museum of Fine Art, le Musée des Beaux-Arts Bordeaux, Isabelle Beccia, Cassignol Middle school in Bordeaux, Brigitte Bayle (Math), Monica Johnston (French), and Collegiate Middle School are all partners.

There will be three distinct exchanges.  The first will be a scavenger hunt of four French artists in the MBAB's collection designed by the students at Cassignol Middle School for their peers at Collegiate.  The second will be combine literature and art of five American artists from the time periods of the American Civil War, Rural-Urban Migration, and the Harlem Renaissance and connect all of this to current events.  The third exchange will have all the students select a favorite work, and then using digital tools they will create a single virtual collaborative piece inspired by McGinness' "Art History is not Linear."

FRAME wishes them success and will follow up with the organizers to learn from their experiences.