FRAME Education: Advisors

FRAME Education expands its leadership

Role and Mission of the Education Advisors for FRAME

Education is one of the core missions FRAME has set since its founding in 1999, as well as exhibitions of high scholarly level, and professional exchanges. In each area, innovative approaches and the level of requirements governing the implementation of FRAME projects are the result of fruitful exchanges between professionals from the network, guaranteeing the quality of the programming of the organization.

In terms of education, FRAME’s mission and projects rely on the regular discussions of four advisors equally located on each side of the Atlantic in respect of the bilateral mission of FRAME. They give inspiration and vision, guide the organization on educational programming to encourage new and joint experiences for the benefit of the largest number of people fostering access to the museums and art. They also contribute to the organization of an annual conference between Heads of Educational and Public Programs of FRAME member museums. This event provides an ideal opportunity for the development of professional innovation in the educational domain.

Their vision of Education and their role as an Education Advisor for FRAME

Aurélie Albajar, Attachée de conservation in charge of Public Programs, Musée des Augustins of Toulouse, « A museum is a place to meet and talk, is a space dedicated to art and artistic expression, and is for sharing and experimentation.....My first priority is to participate in this change for museums so that they are welcoming to all and woven into our daily lives. »

Jean-Luc Murray, Director, Education and Community Programs Department at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art : « Connecting people, connecting cultures, connecting places, connecting arts; educators play a central role in the redefinition of museums as they quickly evolve to become leaders of the cultural democracy movement. »

Margaret Pfenninger, Curator in charge of the Education Department at the Museums in Strasbourg : « Creating ways so that museums become, for all the visitors, places for meaningful encounters with art and personal enrichment. »

Ronna Tulgan Ostheimer,  Director of Adult, School and Community Programs at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, « At the Clark, we believe that engaging with art is a vehicle for engaging with humanity as well as history - real issues, full heart and mind, transcending time and place. It is truly an honor to do this work. »

Margaret Pfenninger and Ronna Tulgan Ostheimer currently lead the pilot-project « Curating a Culture of Respect through Art », placed under the auspices of FRAME [read more]. This program is generously supported by the Consulate General of the United States of America in Strasbourg and the U.S. Embassy in France.