Nicolas Régnier - The Free Man at the Musée d’Arts de Nantes (December 1 2017 - March 11 2018)

The Musée d'Arts in Nantes is presenting the first international retrospective dedicated to Franco-Flemish painter Nicolas Régnier (circa 1588, Maubeuge - 1667, Venice) and brings together some forty masterpieces by the artist. This exceptional exhibition, conceived around the Caravaggesque collections of the museum - Georges de la Tour, Stomer ... - has been made possible thanks to numerous loans from private and public collections from French, Italian, German, Russian, Swedish and United States.

A member of FRAME since 2011, the Musée d'Arts in Nantes presents six remarkable paintings by Nicolas Régnier usually kept in other institutions of the network:

-The Penitent Magdalen, circa 1625, Detroit Institute of Arts 
-David triumphant holding the head of Goliath, circa 1625, Museum of Fine Arts of Dijon 
- Young woman at his toilet, between 1630 and 1635, Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon 
-Coufouflet, Carnival scene, circa 1620, Museum of Fine Arts Rouen
-Saint Luc painting the Virgin. Oil on canvas, H. 1.48; L. 1,20, Rouen, Museum of Fine Arts, Inv. 975 4 53.
-Saint Sebastien cared for by Irene and her maid. Oil on canvas, H. 1.48; L. 1,98, Rouen, Museum of Fine Arts, Inv. 8536.

Regnier renews the genre from his Roman years (1617-1626) where he acquired his nickname "free man". This cosmopolitan painter continues his career in Venice where he reaches great success and brings a new breath to the school of Venetian painting of the seventeenth century. Refined light, sensuality of canons and precious materials follow the realism and chiaroscuro inherited from Caravaggio.

The exhibition has received 8,286 visits since it opened on December 1, 2017.