Publications Continued

  • Impressionist Camera - Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918

    Merrill, 2006, ISBN 1858943310

    From its earliest days, photography could not escape the pictorial traditions that had gone before it. This book, the first comprehensive study of Pictorialism in Europe, analyses the remarkable diversity of approaches taken by photographers across the continent whose practice was infused with contemporary debate about photography's relationship to art. Written by an international team of art and photography historians, Impressionist Camera examines the ways in which practitioners realized their pictorial vision, from the re-creation of Academic painting in photography to the use of soft focus to lend images an impressionistic quality. Also explored are the cross-currents with photography in America — where Pictorialism went on to flourish — including the seminal work of Alfred Stieglitz.

  • American Art, 1908-1947 from Winslow Homer to Jackson Pollock

    Edited by Éric de Chassey, Harry N Abrams, 2002; ISBN 0810963639.

    American Art, 1908-1947 offers fresh interpretations of diverse modern American artworks by a cast of mostly French art historians, an unusual perspective given the stupendous influence of French artists on American artists during that era, and the disconcerting fact that this essential period of American art has been little known in France. American readers will be piqued by the provocative title of editor de Chassey's introductory essay, “Why Has There Been No Great American Art (Before the Triumph of Abstract Expressionism)?”

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