Board Members

  • Marie-Christine Labourdette

    Co-President of FRAME; Director of the Musées de France

  • Davin Staats


  • Jennifer Thomas

    Director for FRAME in North America; Executive Director of VAM

  • Pierre Provoyeur

    Director of FRAME in France

  • Susan Talbott

    Board Liaison to the American Museums, Executive Director. The Fabric Workshop and Museum

  • Sylvain Amic

    Director, Museums of Rouen

  • Michel Hilaire

    Director, Musée Fabre of Montpellier

  • Joëlle Pijaudier-Cabot

    Director, Museums of Strasbourg

  • Aurélie Albajar

    Head of the Service des publics and Attachée de conservation, Musée des Augustin of Toulouse

  • Bruno Girveau

    Director and Conservateur général du patrimoine, Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille

  • Nathalie Bondil

    Director and Curator in Chief, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

  • Christoph Heinrich

    Director, Denver Art Museum

  • Zoe Kahr

    Deputy Director for Exhibition and Planning, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Secretary of the Board

  • Alex Nyerges

    Director, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

  • Ronna Tulgan-Ostheimer

    Director of Adult, Schools and Community Programs, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown

  • Michel de la Cheneliere

  • Hélène David-Weill

  • Constance Goodyear Baron

  • Phillippe de Montebello

  • Pierre Rosenberg

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Élisabeth Wilmers

  • Gary Wolff

  • Education

  • For North America
  • Ronna Tulgan Ostheimer

    Head of Education Programs, Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute Williamstown, MA

  • For France
  • Margaret Pfenninger

    Head of Education Department, Musées de Strasbourg

  • Aurélie Albajar

    Head of Public Service, Musée des Augustins, Toulouse

  • Coordination

  • John Forsythe

    Coordinator for North America

  • Emilie Vanhaesebroucke

    Deputy Director of FRAME in France

  • Emeritus Members

  • Elizabeth Rohatyn

    Emerita Chair; Honorary Trustee (as of June 2013); Founder of FRAME

  • Françoise CACHIN*

  • Princess Laure de Beauvau-Craon

    Emerita; Honorary Trustee (as of June 2013)

  • Dr. Richard R. Brettell

    Emerita Director of FRAME in North America (November 2010-September 2013)

  • Dr. Charlotte Eyerman

    Emerita Director of FRAME in North America (November 2010-September 2013)

  • Baroness Philippine de Rothschild*