Cultural Resources

As an organization creating cross cultural links between France and the United States FRAME is pleased to promote initiatives with similar objectives such as the La Fayette Database and the French Sculpture Census.

Please use this space to find out more about these catalogs online and other collaborative cultural projects created on both sides of the Atlantic.

La Fayette Database

The works by United States artists from the French national collections, 1620-1940, are now accessible on the FRAME website through the La Fayette database created by the
Louvre in 2006 thanks to the support of the Henry Luce Foundation, the Terra Foundation of American Art and of the American Friends of the Louvre.

This operation is part of a common willingness to share the richness and history of Franco-American artistic exchanges.

Among the works listed, many of them are preserved in the French collections of the FRAME museums, now identified by the words "member of the FRAME network."

The Project
This bilingual online catalogue presents more than 1830 works produced by United States artists before 1940 that entered the national collections of France. It includes works of art in all media except prints and photography. These artworks have been drawn from public collections all over France. The title, artist, medium, dimensions, inventory number, history, bibliography, and exhibition history of each piece have been documented. All artworks have been reproduced online when this was feasible under current copyright regulations. All records include photos of the museum or institution where artworks are conserved, as well as links to these institutions’ websites. The catalogue also presents a range of supplementary materials including a French bibliography, a selection of significant works, a timeline, and a range of biographical and historical information.

The database includes artists who were born in the United States and artists who were born abroad to American parents, as well as immigrant artists who resided in the United States for significant amounts of time prior to 1940 or who became naturalized citizens before that date. When possible, names of people and places have been rendered in their language of origin.

The La Fayette database has been created to promote public awareness of a group of artworks that have never before been examined closely in a national context. More generally, it has been designed to promote an appreciation of pre-1945 American art and to foster popular awareness of the richness and diversity of France’s cultural heritage. Itself the result of a successful international cooperation, the site is intended to make the history of Franco-American artistic rapports better known to the American


French Sculpture Census Website Features and Tools has been developed to share a detailed amount of information on each of the objects included in the census and broader information on sculpture as a field. It includes: 

  • Search screens with access by artist, place of birth and death, gender, type of sculpture, medium, period, location, and a full text search, 
  • Educational tools such as a specialized bibliography, a list of exhibitions, a glossary of sculpture terms, descriptions of sculpture techniques (modeling, carving, casting), references to legal texts defining original works and reproductions in the case of editions, links to other specialized websites, 
  • "Spotlights on… " works with odd destinies, rediscoveries, « coups de cœur » (favorite pieces), unexpected ensembles.
  • Each object record will be illustrated with one photograph and will include a direct link to the owning institution website. 
  • The web version will also interact with viewers by inviting them to report new sculptures or bring additional information to existing ones, with Laure de Margerie vetting all data.  

About the Six French Sculpture Census Partners 

  • The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), School of Arts and Humanities, Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Museums, co-directed by Dr. Richard R. Brettell  Provides retribution, travel fees, research resources and technical equipment to Laure de Margerie 
  • The Nasher Sculpture Center, in Dallas, Director: Jeremy Strick Funds the development of the interface between the database and the Internet, built the website, hosts and digitally maintains it.  
  • The National Institute for Art History (Institut national d’histoire de l’art, INHA), in Paris; Director: Antoinette Le Normand-Romain  Funds the rights for the images of the artists not yet in the public domain.  
  • The Musée d’Orsay, in Paris; Director: Guy Cogeval Provides assistance in the development and adaptive maintenance of the database.  
  • The Musée Rodin, in Paris; Director: Catherine Chevillot Will fund a part time student three months/year to complete the Rodin records in the Census.  
  • The Ecole du Louvre, in Paris; Director: Philippe Durey Makes interns available to the Census; provides travel grants through French Heritage Society, the Conseil régional d’Ile de France, or from its own funds; if needed, lends laptops.

Learning Resource for French Art at the St. Louis Art Museum

The works of French artists are among the highlights of the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum.  This resource is designed to facilitate teaching and learning about these works for students of the French language and culture as well as students of art.  French Art ~ L'Art francais